Solar Storage: Lithium Powered DC Mini Splits

The SmartGen battery assisted solar air conditioner is the simply the best way to save with solar. And, let’s face it, if the power ever goes out, it’s also a life safety and support system at 115F.

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Solar Home: Panasonic HIT with Enphase IQ7+

Going solar is easy with one of America’s most trusted brands. It also doesn’t hurt that Panasonic HIT panels produce 30% more power over other brands at higher temperatures.

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Solar Service: FREE Estimates / Evaluations

Our highly trained solar service technicians have expertise trouble shooting and fixing Enphase, Solar Edge, Fronius, SMA, and Power One. We’ve seen it all so we can fix it all.

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About Us

ProTech Solar is a “start to finish” solar service integrator. From design to installation, through monitoring and maintenance, only ProTech Solar offers unparalleled product quality and technical expertise. This is our secret for consistently providing our clients with a best in class experience for their renewable energy conversions.

ProTech Solar is also a solar “service and repair” provider. Whether you need help repairing damage from a substandard installation or if you just need to get your solar equipment back online and working right again, if it’s broke contact us to fix it. Free estimates.

ProTech Solar is at it’s core an “innovative company” with published solar patents and new energy storage projects in the pipeline. We have tried to help our clients, from the very beginning, by finding the efficiency that gets them results.

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It’s a no-brainer so, step to it person on the internet reading this. Get started today finding out how much you can save heating and cooling your home with Smartgen, the only battery assisted solar air conditioner and the only central HVAC solar conversion kit. Enjoy always knowing that you can heat and cool your home, no matter what, even when the grid goes down. Someday you’re going to Hug yourself for doing this. We promise.