Our Approach

Our Vision is not one of monolithic roof top solar installs as far as the eye can see. It has nothing to do with producing power, storing it on a taxpayer subsidized grid, then paying the utility monopoly man to use our surplus energy whenever we need it. No, no it does not.

The real key to energy independence is controlling what we use and when we use it. Further, where we buy our energy is our choice, because it’s our money. At ProTech we focus on retrofitting our client’s homes with renewable solar heating and cooling equipment first, because simply put, this costs our clients less and saves them a whole lot more.

Our Story

In the beginning it was hot. We were installing our first internet sale on a residential building in the summer of 2009. It was a tile roof in southern Metro-Phoenix, Arizona. Did I mention it was hot?…

We got into this business because we support self sufficiency and energy independence. We saw the solar industry as the perfect place to use our experience and expertise to make money. We choose a long time ago, to do what we love, but never at the expense of a client.

Meet the Team

Recently heard a commercial on the radio for a heating and cooling company. The owner said his personal number was on the back of every card. Love that! We stared doing the same thing ten years ago when we realized that communication is the language of leadership.

Christopher McKenna

Business Administration

“I’m NOT a “micro-manager” because I only “micro-mange” people until they prove that they can do their jobs.”

Kenneth Eglinton

Business Development

“I love that we help improve lives with cutting edge, solar storage products that really save and really work!

Roberto Rancine

Business Operations

“Do it right the first time. Don’t tell me there wasn’t enough time to do it right so now we need to be done over”.

Take the First Step…

Find out today how much you can save, heating and cooling your home with Smartgen. Always enjoy knowing you can heat and cool your home, no matter what, even when the grid is down. Someday you will Hug yourself for using your “anyway money” to get this.