Christensen Corporate Center, Fountain Hills, AZ (Installed 2009)

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Christensen Corp Center

Our first installation in 2009. Back then SRP paid $3/per watt to go solar so our mutual client made $155,000 to invest in this system. As if that wasn’t reason enough the Federal 30% Tax Credit was a “Grant” so the client didn’t need to actually pay that much in taxes! Net out of pocket on this project was 10% for the client with a break even ROI of under 3-years! Those were the days!!

There were a few conditions when we made the agreement and they were not easy. 1) All 256 solar panels had to be set on the building in one day and 2) Any mandate by SRP to improve the Transformer for solar interconnect would be a deal breaker.

The client had a business to run so a long drawn out install was not an option. We provide solutions and have from day one. As the pictures show, this job was staged behind the building and was then set the following day in just under six hours.

The transformer was feeding twelve separate suites which were powered by two fused six-pack service entrance sections. Type-R fusing in the two six pack SES’s satisfied arc-fault requirements and, after we spliced twelve new sub-panels into the branch feeders, we tied in twelve separate inverters to avoid SRP’s transformer upgrade.

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